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Vacuum Pumps


Vaccum Pumps are essential for providing good quality lamps. We design and develop B.M.T. 10 X50 High Vacuum Pumps that can attain an ultimate partial pressure better than 1X10(-3) Torr., as measured on Macleod Gauge. These pumps are available in two Models, viz. air cooled vacuum pumps and water cooled vacuum pumps.

Minimum Order Quantity : 10000 pieces

Vacuum Pumps

Item Code : 10
Description :
Our BMT 10x50 High Vacuum Pumps are configured with two blocks of pumps, each mounted in a common housing. Each pump has an eccentric rotor in which there are two moving slides. The slides are pressed against the pump body with the help of springs. During the pump operations, the gas is drawn into the space between the pump body and the slide after the gas drawn in is compressed and evacuated into the housing. This is done through the valve, which works against a spring. The oil acts as seal between the pump body and the slides.

These pumps do not require any foundation for installation. Being compact in size, these pumps can be placed easily under the exhaust machine, are totally vibration free and silent in operations. The 1.5 HP motor is required for the pump operations, thereby it consumes less electricity as compared to conventional pumps. The pumps are configured with stainless steel filters to prevent glass and other particles from falling in the inlet ports. These pumps improve the production of lightning pumps.

Net Financial Savings Of Using Bmt 10x50high Vacuum Pump
This is one of the most advanced pumps of its kind in the world. Many of world's leading lighting/machinery manufacturers are using our pump to increase their production and improve the quality of products. BMT 10X50 High Vacuum Pump runs on 1.5 HP (1.1K.W.) of electricity, which saves around 6.3 K.W. of electricity. This is far more efficient than the conventional type vacuum pumps used in various other industries. Here 1H.P. of motor has been considered as fitted to individual vacuum pump. The back up vacuum to the pump is provided from the engine/utility room.

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Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pumps
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